Building Your Network Marketing Business

Jim Rohn

This is the hottest single audio ever created in the direct selling industry! It’s an ideal recruitment and retention tool with proven life- and business-building insights.It’s all about the skills. It’s a simple truth: the best product and the finest support system in the world can’t buy you the future. To achieve greatness in your personal and business life, you need the skills that will allow you to change your life and your lifestyle.Jim Rohn, the foremost business philosopher of our time, has shared his secrets for success with top business executives around the globe. And now, the same proven methods and techniques for building a successful network marketing business are available to you.With this inspirational CD, packed with over one hour of insights, anyone can learn the necessary skills for living a good life and participating in “the miracle process.”

Jim teaches how to:

  • Share your message with recruiting techniques that allow you to be the bridge that helps people move from skepticism to faith
  • Create magic by getting people to work together
  • Use ingenuity to represent your product and obtain customers
  • Strengthen your communication techniques in order to conduct meetings and affect people with words
  • Build an organization by working with the people who deserve your time and attention

Inspire people helping them see themselves as they are and transport them to the future to see their opportunitiesSubjects include:

  • Awakening to the Opportunity
  • Profits Are Better Than Wages
  • The Magic of Part-Time
  • The Set of the Sail
  • The Law of Averages
  • The Law of Sowing and Reaping
  • Developing New Skills
  • Working Together: Let’s Go Do It
  • Communication, Presentation, and Testimonials
  • Deserve vs. Need
  • Your Skills Determine Your Future
  • Living a Good Life