Friday, February 15 2019

$200 Rising Star Bonus

Love Bomb Alert! Second Chance To Catch A Rising Star!

What you do today matters. In fact, what you did earlier this week mattered too….

And now, you have a chance to leverage work done all this week and through Mar. 15 to grow your team and your own check in the process with a new LOVE BOMB based on the Building Block: Rising Star, even if you missed the qualification window the first time.

If you didn’t reach the rank of 2 Star Rep in your first eight weeks as a new Representative, you just got another shot to prove your skills. With the Catch a Rising Star promotion, we’re giving you a second chance to earn the $200 Rising Star Bonus. Between Feb. 9 and Mar. 15, 2019, you can earn a second chance Rising Star Bonus (if not previously accomplished) by growing your team with as few as 3 new sales on your left team and 3 new sales on your right team (all DreamTrips® Platinum Memberships). Like a Second Chance Qualifier, it’s important that you do this within the promotion period from new sales starting Feb. 9, 2019, and that those customers stay with us for at least one month.*

Why 3 left and 3 right?

Because Platinum credits double in the rank qualifications, this means only 3 sales on each team get you there. And of course, you can still accomplish it by making 6 sales of DreamTrips Gold left and 6 sales DreamTrips Gold right but Platinum offers the best value to customers and the best pay to you as a Rep.

Each of your new customers must make at least one full monthly payment following the initial (initial plus one monthly fee the following month) and not generate any refunds or clawbacks.

If you aren’t sure where to start, contact your sponsor for tips and motivation. They’ll want to help — they can earn a $50 bonus of their own if you achieve the Rising Star Bonus!**

Act fast — you have just a few weeks before this promotion ends — and please read the promotional rules available here.

And remember…

What you do today matters!
Eddie Head, President & Chief Strategy Officer
WorldVentures Holdings LLC


* All Reps within the first 8 weeks still have the full period to achieve Rising Star and any time remaining within the promotion period. The Catch a Rising Star promotion is not available in Taiwan, or to Representatives with a title rank of International Marketing Director. The Rising Star Bonus can only be earned once. Promotion rules are subject to change in the case where gaming or manipulation is observed. Promotion qualifications are subject to one full month payment being received after the initial payment and not refunded in order to count as a qualifying sale.
**Bonuses will be paid in the monthly pay period following the qualification and expiration of any refund period for customer sales used in qualifying.