Saturday, June 1 2019

Get Paid Faster

2 Weeks Only

Now through June 14, 2019, the Double Speed promotion is making it possible for 60% more Representatives to earn a Cycle Bonus. 

By requiring fewer sales to earn the bonus, you can hit your cycles faster and get paid sooner.

Here’s a look at what’s different:





Cycle Bonuses will be triggered at 3 sales left and 3 sales right (1.5 credits left and 1.5 credits right)

Each Cycle Bonus pays a $50 bonus

Double Cycle Bonuses are triggered at the third cycle


Cycle Bonuses will be triggered at 6 sales left and 6 sales right (3 credits left and 3 credits right)

Each Cycle Bonus pays a $100 bonus


Be part of the 60%. Accelerate your efforts during the Double Speed promotion so you don’t get left behind. This is just the tip of the iceberg with the remarkable changes coming your way. Make sure you get to BootCamp to hear all the announcements which will have a massive impact to your business: New product pricing, new matching bonus and so much more. Make sure to watch Eddie's video for all the important details.

What you do today matters.