Tuesday, November 26 2019

Boom! Boom! Boom!

We're Dropping Love Bombs!

A Powerful Pair 2020 Ignition Kit + Gift of a Grand

The November Insider announced two new promotions that will help take you to the top and keep you there throughout 2020. 2020 Ignition Kit. Fuel your business in 2020 with this hot new kit. For $99.99 you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive training audio from Marc Accetta
  • MP3s of popular events with select trainings from your region
  • 10 DreamGiver Digital Cards

BONUS: You will get a boost to your lineage count on every new personal and lineage sale made between the time you buy the kit and the end of the 2019.

Please note:
The 2020 Ignition Kit Lineage Boost will be implemented the afternoon of November 27, 2019. During implementation, which may last up to 6 hours, you may notice data delays impacting the display of your volumes and rank. Please rest assured that once the implementation is complete, your volumes and rank will display accurately.


Gift of a Grand. It’s always grand to get a grand. Just by activating their accounts by Jan. 3, your new Members will get 1,000 FREE DreamTrips Rewards Credits. Activation is easy and fast on the DreamTrips™ Rewards website.