Presenting Our Products with Integrity

As a WorldVentures Rep, how you present our DreamTrips products is of the utmost importance. In this video, we cover the importance of tools, how to manage expectations, how to properly position our product offering, and correctly explaining the DreamTrips Rewards program. It's a ton of great information, in less than five minutes!

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Protect Our House is a special QuickCoach mini-series in our training library for WorldVentures Reps, focused on operating your business with integrity, compliance, and understanding our Core Values, so we can all protect the company long-term. In it, we break down some basic things to watch out for, provide some tips on how to sell more effectively, let you know how to reach us, and then get you back out there spreading the word about that little blue sign.

WorldVentures is the leading international direct seller of vacation club memberships. We help people achieve more fun, freedom, and fulfillment with our DreamTrips™ memberships, which include premium vacations at reduced prices. WorldVentures is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas, with active Representatives and members in 30+ markets.

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