Sunday, February 27 2022

Ferment 21 The Dead Sea

Seacret Direct, LLC

The Dead Sea: was formed 3 million years ago.

Humans have been enjoying this hypersaline water for millennia, discovering its unique healing properties.

It was thought no life could survive such extreme conditions until, botanist Michel Felix Dunal discovered an extremophile single-celled microalgae and named it Dunaliella, making it one of the most environmentally tolerant organisms known.

Now, Seacret’s scientists have harnessed the powers of Dunaliella to benefit the skin.

Our process of Bio Fermentation enhances the adaptogenic properties of these miraculous microalgae.
Precisely balanced, in the absence of light, placed in a natural solution enriched with 21 Dead Sea Minerals to create the perfect growing medium, unique biotransformation of the minerals is performed by the Algae

Ferment 21, patent-pending, is available in selected Seacret Products and is part of Seacret’s Bio Shield Complex line now available.