Sunday, February 27 2022

K Beauty Sheet Masks

Seacret Direct, LLC

Finally! Face masks you can use any time of day. Sheet masks are a whole new world of fabulous, renewed skin, brought to you by SEACRET. Simple, clean, and fun to apply, you can wear your sheet mask without disrupting your daily activities. How to use it? Simply peel away the back of both parts of the sheet and apply the smooth sides to the upper and lower parts of your face. Wait a few minutes, then peel off the sheet in one quick, clean motion.

SEACRET sheet masks are infused with Dead Sea minerals and come in a range of formulas suited for various skin types. So, when your skin needs some extra care, pamper it with a mineral-rich sheet mask while you continue doing your everyday tasks.

SEACRET Aqua Blast Lanseal mask is perfect if you want to deeply hydrate your skin for an ultra-smooth finish. Give dry skin a nourishing makeover with the mask sheet rich in Dead Sea minerals that help to restore lost moisture and rebalance the skin’s natural hydration level.

Want to defy the effects of time? SEACRET Reverse Cupra Mask is here to help! It’s a powerful formula designed to help brighten and whiten the skin and smooth fine lines. It contains a complex of amino proteins that help boost elasticity and soothe sensitive skin. The result? Healthier, more flexible skin that keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Aside from phenomenal sheet masks, SEACRET also offers soft, jelly-like Hydrogel masks that battle dryness in a heartbeat. Soak your skin in SEACRET Flexi Boost Coconut Hydrogel Mask for a healing, skin-transforming dose of moisture. Infused with vitamin-rich coconut oil, the mask boosts flexibility and improves texture for that glowing, radiant finish that your skin deserves. Win-win.

No mess, no fuss, sheet masks by SEACRET are the easiest way to give your skin the ultimate mask treatment. Make SEACRET sheet masks a part of your regular skincare routine. You’ll hardly know you’re wearing it!

Please note; not all masks are available in every market; please contact Seacret to find out what is available locally.

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