Sunday, February 27 2022

M4 – Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mud Mask

Seacret Direct, LLC

Give your skin the smoothing, youth-promoting effects of bio-magnetic power with the M4 Mineral-Rich Magnetic Mask by Seacret. essential oils, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin E, the rich mud-based formula is magnetized with iron powder. When you run the magnet over the skin to remove the mask, gentle micro-electric currents stimulate and energize the skin.

The magnetic mud mask is easy to apply. Smooth the mask over cleansed dry skin, and wait for 5 minutes, allowing the mineral-rich mud and nutrients to penetrate and nourish the skin. To remove the mask, cover the magnet with the plastic cover, and run it closely over the surface of the skin, without touching it. The magnetized mud formula lifts away from the skin like magic, while the gentle electric currents produced by the magnet rejuvenate the skin’s natural beauty. Massage the remaining mask residue into the skin until fully absorbed. The result is facial skin that glows with smooth, natural vitality.

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