Sunday, February 27 2022

RECOVER Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Seacret Direct, LLC

The recovery is a Patented anti-aging mask from Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea, based on the most advanced nano-technology. It has no active ingredients inside, no chemicals, and no toxins.

Recover is based on a physical structure that we build on top of the skin that deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells, toxins, impurities, blackheads and for our deepest desire, lifts even the deepest wrinkles!

The 3 main ingredients are Water, Silica, and Dead Sea Minerals.

  1. Silica is a natural mineral. Actually, it’s the most common mineral on earth. It can be found everywhere, even in our bodies and food.
  2. The Dead Sea Salts are known for their healing properties for different skin diseases and allergies.
  3. Water is very essential to our skin and body! Water provides the skin with moisture and vitality.

Short-term results: as the particles attach to the skin and also to each other, and as the Masque dries, the net starts to shrink and (by the rules of physics) straighten and lift, pulling the wrinkle along with it creating a flat line. This is the amazing short-term effect of the Recover Masque and the results are immediate!!

Long-term results: The Long term effects are even more unbelievable – After the network lifts the wrinkles, a healthy blood supply starts to flow, and more oxygen & vital nutrients can reach the area. Our body starts to create collagen again, slowing the aging process.

As you know, as babies, we’re born without any wrinkles. Our skin is smooth and pretty. But as we age, there are movements and all the other elements of nature start to break down our skin internally so wrinkles start to form.

The science behind the Recover Mask is very interesting. What the scientist did was they made this thing called “recover matrix”. It’s a three-dimensional structure that actually applies to the surface of the skin. What they do is they have this nano-silica in this product which allows the particles to attach to the surface and into the wrinkles themselves.

By applying this to the skin, it flattens out just the wrinkled areas without affecting the normal skin. It pulls out the wrinkles from below and then makes the wrinkles disappear.

It holds the skin in place in a healthier position and your skin has the chance to start healing itself.