Sunday, February 27 2022

How to curl your hair quickly with SEACRET Pro-Styling Hair Straightener

Seacret Direct, LLC

Learn how to curl your hair quickly with a SEACRET pro-styling hair straightener.

For classic curls, you’ll need:

  • Seacret Pro-Styling Hair Brush
  • Seacret Hair Clips
  • Seacret Pro-Styling Hair Straightener
  • Seacret Nourishing Hair Serum

Use this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Start with dry, combed hair
  • Section hair using clips
  • Set hair straightener to optimal temp.
  • Turn on vibration mode
  • Take a small section of hair, rotate halfway
  • Wind it around, working through to ends
  • Flip and hold for a second, slide down slowly
  • Repeat technique
  • Apply Seacret Nourishing Hair Serum
  • Comb hair, loosen curls with fingertip