Troy & Kathy Brown

Red Diamonds

Dreamers: always searching for a life beyond the given, scraping for time and energy, all too familiar with exhaustive evenings, the drone of fluorescents, and the eternal return of the same lackluster day. It’s been nearly two decades since Troy Brown and Jeff Bolf dared to dream about life beyond the prosthetic experience of living on borrowed time. The years have been kind to these two who risked it all to align with the vision to reinvent themselves. Now with Club Seacret in full swing, it's easy to see that the company wouldn’t be where it is today without the accomplishments of two lifelong friends who got in on the ground floor of what quickly is becoming one of the most trusted and renowned direct sales companies in the world. When you conjure a dream, you identify a need. Troy and Jeff dreamed, responding to a deficiency of time and purpose, and embraced a vision that would change their perspective, the outlook of their friends and family, and ultimately their place in the world.